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Winter Teas

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  • After Seven 2oz
    After Seven 2oz
    Rooibos Tea ~ DecaffeinatedTastes of Chocolate and MintA night time favorite with the hints of chocolate and mint. This is a great after dinner tea.

  • Candy Cane Black Tea
    Candy Cane Black Tea
    A hearty black tea with candy cane flavors and bits of candy cane.A wonderful tea for the holiday time. Warm and minty with the distinct flavor of candy canes. The candy cane flavor is not overwhelming and pairs well with a...

  • Caramel Rooibos 2oz
    Caramel Rooibos 2oz
    Rooibos Tea ~ DecaffeinatedTastes of CaramelContains: Milk

  • Chocolate Mint 2oz
    Chocolate Mint 2oz
    Black tea, brittle bits, chocolate nut bits, peppermint leavesWonderful aromas of chocolate and peppermint fill out this black tea. Goes well with afternoon cookies or all alone to fill that chocolate craving.

  • Nutcracker Sweet 2oz
    Nutcracker Sweet 2oz
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedTastes of SpicesIf you are looking for a tea that smells "Christmas" this is it. Very fragrant, filled with cinnamon, cloves, oranges and all manner of spices it is perfect for the holidays.

  • Pomegranate 2oz
    Pomegranate 2oz
    Fruit Blend Tea ~ DecaffeinatedA delightful melange of pomegranate, apple, papaya, and a hint of vanilla

  • Spicy Christmas 2oz
    Spicy Christmas 2oz
    Green Tea ~ Lightly CaffeinatedTastes of cinnamon and cardamom.

  • Star of Africa 2oz
    Star of Africa 2oz
    Rooibos Tea ~ DecaffeinatedTastes of Cinnamon and Oranges

  • Toffee Delight 2oz
    Toffee Delight 2oz
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedA delightful blend of black tea and carmel bits

  • Vivid Stars 2oz
    Vivid Stars 2oz
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedTastes of Gingerbread. An excellent winter tea