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  • After Seven 2oz
    After Seven 2oz
    Rooibos Tea ~ HerbalTastes of Chocolate and MintA night time favorite with the hints of chocolate and mint. This is a great after dinner tea.

  • Almond Cookie 2oz
    Almond Cookie 2oz
    Green Tea ~ Lightly CaffeinatedTastes of Almond and Coconutgreen tea China Sencha, coconut rasps, almond flakes, and...

  • Apricot Decaf 2oz
    Apricot Decaf 2oz
    Black Tea ~ DecaffeinatedTastes of ApricotsIngredients: Black tea, apricot bits, flavorings and sunflower blossomsThe apricot flavor is full and fruity in this decaffeinated black tea. Our guests love this one in the evening...

  • Back Porch
    Back Porch
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedTastes of Berries and CitrusThis is one of our favorite teas as it is just as good iced as hot. A great all around tea with pleasing fruity flavors. 2oz sealed pack

  • Black Currant 2oz
    Black Currant 2oz
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedA blend of black tea with black currantsBlack tea (Ceylon, South India and China) flavorings, black currant leaves, black currants Fresh currants come in 3 colors, black, red and white with the red...

  • Blackberry 2oz
    Blackberry 2oz
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedA full-leaf black tea with blackberries and blackberry leavesBlack tea ( Ceylon, South India, China) flavoring, blackberry leaves, blackberries A good fruity tea that is reminiscent of the late summer...

  • Blood Orange
    Blood Orange
    Blood Oranges are a flavorful red orange grown in Spain. This tea is a fruit blend with that brews to a deep red. Apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peels, orange peels, lemon peels, safflower blossoms and flavoring...

  • Caramel Rooibos 2oz
    Caramel Rooibos 2oz
    Rooibos Tea ~ DecaffeinatedTastes of CaramelContains: Milk

  • Ceylon Kenilworth Estate
    Ceylon Kenilworth Estate
    The Kenilworth Estate is a plantation that produces high end teas with identic features; red-brown leaf, strong full bodied infusion, aromatic and somewhat spicy. 2oz sealed...

  • Chocolate Mint
    Chocolate Mint
    Black tea, brittle bits, chocolate nut bits, peppermint leavesWonderful aromas of chocolate and peppermint fill out this black tea. Goes well with afternoon cookies or all alone to fill that chocolate craving. 2oz sealed...

  • Citron Oolong 2oz
    Citron Oolong 2oz
    Oolong Tea ~ CaffeinatedTastes of Lemons. Certified Organic

  • Cream Earl Grey
    Cream Earl Grey
    Black ~ CaffeinatedA delicious Earl Grey with hints of creamy vanilla flavor and blue mallow...

  • Creativity 2oz
    Creativity 2oz
    Rooibos Tea ~ DecaffeinatedTastes of Lemons and Pepper

  • Dark Chocolate Orange
    Dark Chocolate Orange
    Black ~ CaffeinatedA wonderful blend of black tea, cocoa bits, orange peels, and spices

  • Digestive Helper
    Digestive Helper
    Chamomile blossoms, peppermint leaves, yarrow, valerian root, marigold petals, lemon balm leaves.   Known for it's calming effects chamomile is the go to herb for many digestive issues. Combined here with other...

  • Divine Temple 1.5 oz
    Divine Temple 1.5 oz
    White and Green Tea ~ Lightly CaffeinatedTastes of Lychees and Peaches

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