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Green Tea

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  • Fog
    Green Tea ~ Lightly CaffeinatedAn excellent tea with green leaf and an aromatic sweet taste. The perfect tea for the one who starts to drink green tea.

  • Lemon Drop (Ice)
    With lemon and vanilla flavors this green tea is made from China Sencha, apple pieces, ginger pieces orange peels and lemon peels. Refreshing and full of flavor. 2oz sealed...

  • Marrakech Mint
    Marrakech Mint
    Green Tea ~ Lightly Caffeinated Tastes of PeppermintIngredients: green tea China Gunpowder, peppermint leaves, flavor 2oz sealed pack

  • Raspberry Ginger White
    Raspberry Ginger White
    White and Green Tea ~ Lightly Caffeinated Tastes of raspberry and gingerIngredients: white tea China Pai Mu Tan, green tea China -Fog Tea, -Sencha, -Lung Ching, -Gunpowder, -Jasmine, -Jasmine Jade Pearls, ginger bits,...

  • Vivid Stars
    Vivid Stars
    Black Tea ~ CaffeinatedTastes of Gingerbread. An excellent winter tea 2oz sealed pack

  • Walnut Green
    Walnut Green
    Green ~ Lightly CaffeinatedA mix of China green tea, pineapple bits, coconut flakes, walnut bits, and almond bits. 2oz sealed packs

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